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Physical Therapy for Back Pain

When you need physical therapy for back pain, we can help. Our Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (STAR) Program offers three modern and convenient centers, two in west St. Louis County and one in South County. While our clientele includes pro athletes, we offer services for everyone. People of all ages, conditions and physical abilities are welcome and can benefit from our full range of services.


Our licensed physical therapists and massage therapists can help reduce or relieve your pain, increase your mobility, and improve your daily function and performance. We provide different therapy specialties to meet the specific needs of our patients (orthopedics, sports, women’s health, persistent pain, lymphedema, cancer). In addition, our therapy can sometimes serve as an alternative to treatments like pain medications and surgery. Our program offers:

  • Highly trained therapists: Our therapists regularly learn new treatment strategies and keep up with current advances. Many have years of experience with STAR and hold advanced degrees and certifications. Some have completed additional training to focus on a particular area of therapy such as sports injury recovery, manual therapy, women’s health, and persistent pain rehabilitation.
  • One-on-one patient care: Your therapist will focus solely on you during your sessions. We also try to match you with the same therapist each time.
  • Time you need: Though we typically schedule one-hour evaluations and 45-minute treatment sessions, we do not have a set appointment length. Based on your needs, your therapist schedules you for the most appropriate amount of time. We never want you to feel rushed. We respect your time, though, and do not keep you longer than necessary.
  • Help with challenging conditions: We frequently receive referrals for truly challenging cases, where the diagnosis is uncertain, and we must identify both the potential source and the treatment. We are often asked to help with chronic pain, as well as complex sports injuries, and orthopedic and pelvic conditions.
  • Patient centered approach: We commit to helping you meet your goals, whether you want to resume a sport, return to work, play with grandchildren or just keep up with day-to-day activities. We will take time to listen and to clearly explain our recommendations. Our patient-first approach begins the first time you call us.
  • Modern equipment: We equip each of our centers with a running/throwing lane and newer, carefully selected exercise machines. We also offer specialized video motion analysis, running analysis and strength and balance testing.
  • Coordination with doctors: We work closely with your physicians, regularly sharing information and advice to ensure better continuity of care.
  • Massage therapy: Part of your treatment plan could include massage therapy and our massage and physical therapists work closely together to help you find the right care. Pain is complex and this combined approach can relax the muscles affected.
  • Virtual care option: We also provide virtual physical therapy sessions. Check your health care insurance to ensure coverage.


While we treat a broad range of lower back pain conditions and needs, we see the following issues most frequently:

  • Compressed nerve
  • Degeneration of spine
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Disc bulge
  • Infection
  • Muscle tension or spasm
  • Myofascial (tissue) pain syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pain caused by poor posture
  • Pain due to being overweight or obese
  • Sciatica

TREATMENT Options For Back pain

Many people come to us in pain, and we can typically provide treatment to reduce or relieve pain. It may take patience on your part, but we want to help you return to the activities you love, not just to a basic level of function. We offer:

  • Active physical therapy: specific exercises and stretching tailored to your condition and needs.
  • Customized home exercise program: created by your therapist to your specific treatment needs.
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and mindfulness techniques: to assist with enhancing the positive effects of physical therapy.
  • Passive physical therapy: may include clinical modalities such as heat applications, ice packs/cold compress, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and electric stimulations.
  • Massage therapy: hands-on medical massage therapy, also called therapeutic or rehabilitative massage, can help reduce or relieve pain. We are also one of the few programs in the Midwest practicing fascial (tissue) manipulation™.


You will need a referral from your physician to schedule an appointment. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists who specializes in dealing with back pain, please call a STAR location:

  • Chesterfield — Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Orthopedic Center: 314.514.3636
  • Creve Coeur — Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital: 314.996.3050
  • South County — Center for Advanced Medicine: 314.286.1000


Physicians can refer a patient via Epic or fax.

Physical Therapy: via Epic

  • Region: Barnes Jewish West County Hospital
  • Department: BJWCH OP PT STAR1 (Creve Coeur Location)
  • BJWCH OP PT STAR2 (Chesterfield Location)
  • BJWCH OP PT STAR3 (South County Location)

Massage Therapy: via Epic

  • Region: Barnes Jewish West County Hospital
  • Department: BJWCH OP MT STAR1 (Creve Coeur Location)
  • BJWCH OP MT STAR2 (Chesterfield Location)
  • BJWCH OP MT STAR3 (South County Location)

Physical and Massage Therapy: via fax

Please download the appropriate form and fax to the office where the patient would like to receive their care.
Physical Therapy Patient Referral Form
Massage Therapy Patient Referral Form

  • Chesterfield — Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Orthopedic Center: 314.514.3635
  • Creve Coeur — Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital: 314.996.3059
  • South County — Center for Advanced Medicine: 314.286.0145


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