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Digital Mammography

Mammography is an x-ray exam of the breasts to detect lumps when they’re too small to be detected by physical examination. Washington University radiologists at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital use mammography to look for early signs of breast cancer before symptoms develop. Because size of the cancer at diagnosis is one of the most important predictors of outcome, mammography can lead to finding and treating breast cancer in its earliest and most curable stage.

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  • Screening mammogram: Washington University radiologists use mammography to look for early signs of breast cancer before symptoms develop. This is typically an annual screening and images are taken of each breast at different angles.
  • Diagnostic mammogram: Your provider will order a diagnostic mammogram if your screening shows abnormal tissue.


  • After age 40, yearly mammogram screenings are recommended for all people assigned female at birth.
  • Women who are at increased risk of breast cancer (family, medical history, inherited genetic mutations), may need to start earlier. Check with your primary care physician as early as your 20s.
  • Women with dense breasts.
  • Women who have not yet gone through menopause, or who have been in menopause less than one year.


All breast imaging equipment at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital is digital (computer-based). This technology is when the x-ray film is replaced by solid-state detectors that convert x-rays into electrical signals allowing the radiologist to capture and manipulate the images so abnormalities can be seen. The electrical signals are used to produce images of the breast that are viewed on a computer screen or printed on special film. Benefits of digital mammography include:

  • High resolution images that are exceptionally clear.
  • May lower radiation dose, especially in patients with dense breast tissue.
  • Images are captured and displayed within seconds, shortening your appointment time.
  • Contribute to earlier detection, more accurate diagnosis and better overall patient care.


Every mammogram is read by Washington University radiologists that specialize in comprehensive breast imaging. This level of expertise can make a difference. Meet our doctors that specialize in breast imaging:

Tabassum Ahmad, MD
Debbie Bennett, MD
Jennie Brodsky, MD
Arianna Buckley, MD
Christina Doherty, MD
Heather Garrett, MD
Jaimee Mannix, MD
Kimberly Wiele, MD

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