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Nonsurgical Endoscopic Procedures for Weight Loss

If you have tried to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise and haven’t succeeded, we can help. At Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, our weight loss specialists offer several types of nonsurgical endoscopic treatments.

In addition to the nonsurgical endoscopic procedures, our 12-month program includes a medical evaluation, monthly group sessions, and personalized lifestyle counseling from a behavior coach and registered dietitians.

Why Choose Barnes-Jewish for Nonsurgical Endoscopic Weight Loss Treatment?

Our team is focused on helping people achieve and maintain weight loss for their best possible health. People throughout the Midwest come to us for our:

  • Complete range of nonsurgical endoscopic weight loss options: Our program offers a wide range of nonsurgical endoscopic weight loss therapies approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nonsurgical, or endoscopic, weight loss procedures allow us to treat a wider range of patients than ever before, and come with proven results for successful weight loss.
  • Expertise gained through clinical research trials: Washington University physicians at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital and Barnes-Jewish Hospital have extensive experience in treating patients with endoscopic procedures. As participants in FDA approval and post-approval studies, the physicians have worked with these nonsurgical endoscopic procedures and devices over several years with significant success.
  • Experience in several weight loss fields: Our weight loss experts combine their knowledge from gastroenterology, nutrition, behavior coaching and related fields to help you successfully lose weight and keep it off.

Advantages of Nonsurgical Endoscopic Weight Loss Procedures

The benefits of nonsurgical endoscopic weight loss procedures include:

  • Lower risks than bariatric surgery: Without incisions, these procedures offer faster recovery times, a lower risk of infection, a shorter (or no) hospital stay and reduced pain.
  • Wider eligibility: Most procedures require lower excess weight for eligibility, making treatment available to a wider range of patients. At the same time, certain treatments, such as the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, can help people who have severe obesity and a higher body mass index (BMI).
  • Greater weight loss: Endoscopic procedures help people safely lose up to two to three times more weight than diet and exercise alone.

Nonsurgical Endoscopic Weight Loss Treatments We Offer

Find out more about the types of nonsurgical therapy for weight loss we offer, including:

  • Intragastric balloon: A balloon, inflated with saline, takes up space in the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety (fullness). Learn more about the gastric balloon for weight loss.
  • Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty: Physicians use an endoscope (thin, flexible tube with a lighted camera) to place sutures from inside the stomach to create a smaller, tube-shaped stomach pouch. Find out more about endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.
  • Endoscopic gastric outlet repair (Endoscopic Revision to previous surgery/procedure): This procedure also involves sutures, placed from inside the stomach, to reduce the size of the stomach pouch and stoma (opening from pouch to small intestine). Learn more about endoscopic gastric outlet repair.

Additional components of our yearlong, comprehensive treatment program include:

  • Nutrition guidance: As part of the lifestyle behavioral coaching, you will have visits with a registered dietitian to develop a personalized calorie target. The dietitian typically calculates your calorie target at your initial evaluation. Read about our nutrition support for weight loss.
  • Behavior coaching: Our support program also includes behavior coaching to help you make healthy lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life. Attending monthly coaching groups will help you identify which strategies are right for you. Find out about our behavior coaching.

Comparing Weight Loss Treatment Options

The table shows potential weight loss amounts based on patients’ results in clinical trials, along with what you can expect from different weight loss options. Each person is different, and results will vary from patient to patient.


Intragastric Balloon

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Bariatric Surgery*

Endoscopic Gastric Outlet Repair**

Total body weight loss

8 to 12%

15 to 20%

15 to 35%

About 25%

Time off from work

1 to 3 days

3 to 5 days

2 to 4 weeks

3 to 5 days

Symptoms after procedure

Nausea, vomiting

Slight nausea, discomfort

Pain, nausea, vomiting

Slight nausea, discomfort

Hospital stay



1 to 5 days


*The potential percentage of total body weight loss varies among the different types of bariatric surgery: gastric bypass, gastric banding, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch.

** Endoscopic gastric outlet repair is for people who have had a previous gastric bypass and whose stomach pouch or stoma has stretched.

12-Month Intensive Lifestyle Guidance Program for Weight Loss

Nonsurgical endoscopic procedures are one tool within an overall, one-year weight loss program. This intensive lifestyle guidance program offers support services to help you make lasting behavioral changes for your best possible health. 

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Medical evaluation and monitoring: You will meet with our physicians and nurse practitioner to assess your overall health, review the criteria, discuss your goals and set expectations. Bring a list of your current medications and any questions you may have. During your visits after the procedure, our care team checks your health to monitor your progress.
  • Nonsurgical endoscopic procedure: The physician performs the outpatient procedure to place a device or perform an endoscopic procedure.
  • Twelve-month program: During the program, you visit regularly and work on your personalized treatment plan with our team:
    • Program coordinator
    • Physicians
    • Nurse practitioner
    • Registered dietitians
    • Behavior coach

Nonsurgical Endoscopic Weight Loss Information and Personal Consultation

If you’re considering any of our endoscopic procedures, you must first determine if you are a candidate and set up a personal consultation. A member of the Washington University gastroenterology team will explain treatment options and answer your questions.

Contact Us for Weight Loss Treatment

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a bariatric endoscopy physician, please call toll-free at 844-542-9378.

Referring physicians can call the BJC Transfer Center at 800.252.DOCS (3627) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also visit our referring physicians page.


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