• Air Pollution
    Detailed information on air pollution and air pollution prevention
  • Allergens: Pollen
    Pollen is the most common cause of seasonal allergic rhinitis, sometimes known as "hay fever."
  • Asthma and Pregnancy
    With proper asthma management and good prenatal care, most women with asthma can have healthy pregnancies.
  • Chemical Peel
    Detailed information on chemical peels, including potential complications and what substances are used for chemical peels.
  • Choosing a Provider
    Finding appropriate home health and hospice care providers requires some research. Here's what you need to consider when evaluating a provider.
  • Chronic Pain
    Chronic pain is longstanding pain that persists beyond the usual recovery period or occurs along with a chronic health condition, such as arthritis.
  • Diabetes and Periodontal (Gum) Disease
    Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to gum disease, which is an infection of the gums and bone that hold the teeth in place.
  • Exercise During Pregnancy
    If you exercised before pregnancy, you can safely continue exercising. If you were inactive or you have medical complications, talk with your healthcare provider before beginning to exercise.
  • Fish and Shellfish Poisoning
    At certain times of the year, various species of fish and shellfish contain toxins, even if well cooked. The most common type of fish poisoning in travelers is ciguatera fish poisoning.
  • Food Poisoning
    Food poisoning (foodborne illness) is caused by bacteria or viruses found in food. Food poisoning symptoms often look like stomach flu (gastroenteritis). Many people with a mild case think they have stomach flu or a virus.
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