Discover Solutions for Back Pain and Spine Issues

Washington University Physicians and Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital offer a comprehensive spine program that brings together a team of specialists including physicians to diagnose and create a care plan, physical therapists, pain management specialists and physiatrists to provide holistic options to treat pain. Our specialists are nationally recognized for outstanding outcomes and offer personalized care as unique as you.

We encourage you to take a back and neck pain assessment to assess the severity of your pain. A report will be generated based on your risk factors and show how your symptoms influence different areas of your life.

For immediate assistance, call 608.830.3053 or or fill out an online form and we will help you choose a Washington University doctor to fit your individual needs.

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What to Expect if Surgery is Necessary

If you and your physician decide spine surgery is the best way to get you back to living a healthy and active life, you can download the Spine Journey Guide. Your doctor and surgical care team are committed to your safety every step of the way, and this guide will help you know what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

Download the Spine Journey Guide

Meet Our Washington University Spine Doctors

Learn more about the team of Washington University physicians who specialize in spine care and where their clinics are located.

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