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An Efficient New Hospital

February 2019 - Hospital team members are developing efficient workflows to reduce wasteful processes and workarounds before moving into the new hospital. Did you know the new hospital is designed to support efficient care delivery, from the layout of departments to the location of supplies? It’s also energy efficient.

The physical efficiencies, along with new workflows, will help to enhance the care and experience of patients and team members. Some examples and photos are below.

  • The two elevators will serve the operating rooms and procedure floor. One will transport clean instruments and one will transport the used instruments.

  • A pneumatic tube system with 13 stations will facilitate the transport of medications, specimens (which will help expedite lab work), small supplies and paperwork. 

  • The new dock enters the ground level, where all support services are located.

Efficiencies will be gained on the inpatient nursing units. The inpatient floors are nearly identical – second floor will feature an inpatient rehab space. Rooms are oriented exactly the same, a BJC standard in new construction. These same-handed rooms result in improved patient safety, infection prevention, caregiver safety and workflow efficiency.  

A consolidated radiology department will improve workflow and is adjacent to the emergency department and the ICU. A short elevator ride will bring inpatients from their floors directly to the department. 

Building system and design features include the following:

  • High efficiency mechanical, engineering and plumbing systems 
  • Building automation system, which will provide centralized control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems
  • LED lighting
  • High performance building exterior, including rain barrier, air barrier, wind screen, windows 
  • Redundant water and gas supplies if the primary supplies fail. 
  • High capacity electric generator that powers the hospital in the event of a power failure. A mobile generator also will be located on site.