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Hospital President Addresses Safety

August 2018 - Trish Lollo, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital president, spent some time August 9 talking with nearly 200 trades men and women at the project’s quarterly safety lunch. The lunches, sponsored by one of the project’s subcontractors, are an opportunity to remind the workers of the safety expectations and awareness of the hazards of other trades. 

“As we gather today for your safety lunch, I want you to know that our hospital is committed to a safe environment, just as your companies are,” Trish said. “Our hospital has a culture of safety – safety for our patients, our team members, every person who steps foot on our campus. That includes each of you. We want you to go home safe every night.”

Project superintendent and Paric safety manager, David Hunt, said with the number of trades on the project working around one another, being aware of what’s above, below and all around is important, particularly with the heavy equipment in use.

“We have 25 trades on site and heavy equipment on site every day,” said Hunt. “Before you use your equipment, be sure to check it. When you’re around equipment you’re not using, be aware of where it is and what it’s doing. Like Trish said, we want you to be safe and to go home every night.”

Trish added, “Take a look around at the number of individuals who are coming together every day to build this new hospital. Your collective work will translate into something incredible for the patients who will be cared for in our replacement hospital, as well as team members who will be taking care of our patients. On behalf of the entire team at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, thank you!”

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